National Strategic Projects

A national strategic project must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The implementation is performed by the central government, regional governments and/or business entities;
  • The project must increase growth and ensure an even distribution of development in order to improve public welfare and regional development; and
  • The project has been stipulated through a presidential regulation.

Appointing Construction Service Providers

Construction service providers can be divided into three parties, namely (perencana konstruksi), contractors (pelaksana konstruksi) and supervisors (pengawas konstruksi). These parties can be appointed using one of the following methods:

  • General auctions, which are publicly announced through for example news paper or online media;
  • Limited auctions, which are publicly announced, however the providers are required to pass a qualification stage;
  • Direct procurement, in which case there are at least three bidders and where the provider is appointed after completion of direct negotiations;
  • Direct appointment, in which case there is only one bidder which is directly appointed.

The new Regulation now allows local governments to appoint construction providers through direct appointment for any national strategic project.

Sub-Appointment of Other Parties by Appointed BUMDs

After the regional Government appointed a BUMD through direct appointment, a BUMD can sub-appoint the following parties:

  • Another BUMD or their subsidiaries; and/or
  • State owned companies or their subsidiaries, which are also know as BUMN (Badan Usaha Milik Negara)

Under the previous regulations, direct appointment by the regional government was not allowed.

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