Eligible Companies for the Fast Investment Procedure

In order to accelerate the investment procedure, the foreign investment companies to be established must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The investment value of at least 100 hundred billion rupiah;
  2. Employ at least 1,000 Indonesian workers

Where normal foreign investment companies receive a principle permit (Izin Prinsip), the companies following the fast investment procedure receive the investment license (Izin Investasi). The investment license is similar to the principle permit, however it points out that it belongs to a company which fulfilled the investment requirements set out above.

Advantages of the Fast Investment Procedure

Besides the issuance of the investment permit (Izin Investasi) within three hours, there is another major advantage. Foreign investment companies which have their business location in a special industrial zone can immediately start construction of the factory. These companies do not require any other licenses, such as the building permit (IMB) and the environmental permit (Izin Lingkungan). Companies can arrange these licenses while building the factory.

Rejection of Investment Permit

In the case BKPM rejects the application of the investment permit, BKPM shall prepare a rejection notice. BKPM delivers such notice no later than three hours as of receipt of the request.

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