Online reporting

Businesses need to register their company online at to obtain their corporate ID. Once companies have their corporate ID, they obtain a username and password which they can use to log into the website and perform their periodic reporting.

Reporting Requirement and Procedure

Under the New MOM Regulation, generally companies are required to submit their mandatory manpower report (WLK) online once per year. In addition to the annual submission, companies need to submit a WLK:

  1.  no later than 30 days after:
    1. The company establishment
    2. Re-commencement of operations;
    3. Change of ownership; or
    4. Change of address


  1. within 30 days prior to:
    1. Suspension or dissolution of the company
    2. Change of ownership
    3. Change of address; or

Under the Old Regulation companies had only the possibility to report online with the local manpower authority if such body had an IT system in place. In practice however, almost all WLK reports were submitted manually.

The reporting procedure is detailed in appendix 1 of the New Regulation and in general consist out of filling the online forms, depending on the reason for reporting.


Companies which previously arranged their WLK report manually must within one year as of the enforcement of the New Regulation start reporting online. The New Regulation is expected to ease the business of companies by increasing transparency and by online reporting (as compared to manual reporting).

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