To assess the quality and reliability of potential Indonesian partners, arrangements will be developed in three steps.

(1) Insight Knowledge:

  • Individual kick off consultations with the company representative(s) to enhance BRIGHT Indonesia’s understanding of clients' needs, expectations, products, and strategies.
  • Extensive leads of potential local partners and service providers.
  • Introduction of the clients' products and companies to the identified local partners and services providers.
  • Short list of local companies to be chosen from by the client.

(2) Meeting: Agenda Development:

  • Organize a meeting and set a future meetings schedule.
  • Contact potential partners through telephone, email, fax and personal communication.
  • Set up meetings with the aim to help clients understand the local working culture/ethics in Indonesia, and the local cultures of communication.
  • Negotiations Assistance.

(3) Evaluation and Reporting:

At the end of the project we will send the company a final report that includes the following:

  • Information about Indonesia: main macroeconomic indicators.
  • General information about the market and sectors in Indonesia.
  • Potential Partners/Clients Database.
  • Meeting Report.
  • Final conclusions and recommendations.

At this stage, we will assess the convenience of proposing the company a follow-up project. The company shall receive a permanent and personal advice for any doubts and questions that may come up during our project.

(4) Business Follow Up Assistance:

Follow up meetings can be organized where BRIGHT Indonesia acts as liaison between clients and their partners. The critical point in this step is to ensure that clients are able to have reliable partners to ensure business can be carried out safely. These meetings include assistance into business deals.

After the initial project has been completed, we propose a follow-up project to our clients. The objective of this project is to follow-up the most relevant local contacts and to support our clients in getting more purchase orders and start its commercial activity in the local market through partnership agreements with local clients/partners.

Some of the activities in the follow-up projects stage include:

  • Definition of action plan and project schedule, update of documentation needed, kick-off meeting.
  • Contact the Indonesian companies visited during the business meeting agenda of the previous project as well as those that could not be visited previously through calls, visits in order to receive their feedback, and post-meeting opinions.
  • Solve any problems and questions that may arise on both sides, either our global clients and local (potential) clients/partners.
  • Encourage quotation requests: Our clients would prepare the quotation but it would be our job to do the follow-up.
  • Push to get first purchase orders.
  • Advice in terms of the distribution/partnership agreement between the clients and their Indonesian counterparts.
  • The organization of a further business meeting agenda, if necessary.
  • Help in terms of the registration of products, if necessary.
  • Advice in payment methods (credit letter, transfer…).

For further information you can contact Primadi Wahyuwidagdo, Principal Partner of BRIGHT Indonesia, at

Article by BRIGHT Indonesia