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Berita Hari Ini Jakarta Composite Index

  • Stock Market Update Indonesia: Stocks Fall Almost 2% on Thursday

    Just before closing time on Thursday (30/11), the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index suddenly tumbled 1.8 percent to 5,952.14 points. Most Southeast Asian stock markets were down but Indonesia led losses, dragged down by financials and consumer staples. Indonesian stocks recorded their weakest day since November 2016.

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  • Stock Market Update Indonesia: Return of Foreign Investors?

    The benchmark Jakarta Composite Index closed 0.06 percent higher at 6,6067.14 points on Friday (24/11), not far from its all-time record high. It is interesting to note that foreign investors showed a renewed interest in Indonesian stocks over the past three trading days. Foreigners recorded a "net buy" of IDR 2.59 trillion (approx. USD $192 million) over these three days.

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  • Update Indonesian Stocks: Jakarta Composite Index Rises Further

    Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index continues its run in record high territory on Monday (06/11). While Asian stocks are mixed, overall, this morning, the Jakarta Composite Index is carefully climbing in green territory. It is interesting to note that, recently, the benchmark index is not only being pushed higher by the large-cap blue chip stocks, but also by mid-cap and small-cap stocks.

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  • Stock Market Update Indonesia: Benchmark Index Near Record High

    After three straight sessions of decline, Indonesian stocks are again rebounding toward record high territory. In the first trading session on Tuesday (31/10) the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index climbed 0.57 percent to 6,008.14 points, just short of the all-time record high of 6,025.43 points that was touched last week. The consumer goods index, particularly, is supporting the rise of the overall index.

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  • Breaking: Indonesian Shares Close at Record High Beyond 6,000 Level

    Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index touched a new all-time record high on Wednesday (25/10). More importantly, the benchmark index passed beyond the psychological boundary of 6,000 points and closed 1.23 percent higher at 6,025.43 points. This great performance was driven by Indonesia's energy and financial stocks.

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  • Indonesian Stock Market & Currency Update: Monday 2 October 2017

    The Indonesian rupiah is continuing to depreciate on Monday (02/10). By 15:00 pm local Jakarta time the currency had weakened 0.71 percent to IDR 13,568 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Not only the rupiah, but all (emerging market) currencies are sliding in Asia on renewed US dollar strength.

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  • Stock Market & Currency Indonesia: Strong Performance on Friday

    Indonesian shares and the rupiah strengthened considerably on the last trading day of the week. On Friday (29/09) Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index surged 1.02 percent to 5,900.85 points, outperforming all other national benchmark indices in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, the Indonesian rupiah appreciated 0.32 percent to IDR 13,472 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index).

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  • Stock Market Update: Asia in the Red on North Korea Turmoil

    On Wednesday (06/09) Asian stocks are following the example of Wall Street's slide overnight. The benchmark MSCI Asia was down 0.66 percent by 10:15 am local Jakarta time on Wednesday morning. This weak performance is attributed to persistent concerns about North Korea's provocative behavior, while any non-violent sanctions against North Korea will unlikely encourage the nation to stop its nuclear program.

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  • Stock Market Update Indonesia: Week of Foreign Capital Outflows

    Over the past trading week foreign investors continued to sell more Indonesian shares than they bought. Foreigners recorded a net sell of IDR 1.47 trillion (approx. USD $111 million) during the past week, hence reducing the year-to-date (accumulated) net buy to a modest IDR 484.7 billion (approx. USD $36 million).

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Artikel Terbaru Jakarta Composite Index

  • Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Rupiah Advance on Thursday

    Contrary to most Asian indices, Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) managed to post a gain on Thursday (07/11). The IHSG seemed to follow the upward movement of Wall Street on the previous day (06/11) after a number of Federal Reserve officials stated to support the continuation of the Fed's monthly USD $85 billion bond-buying program (quantitative easing). Despite continued foreign net selling, the IHSG index rose 0.82 percent to 4,486.11 points as domestic purchases offset foreign selling.

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  • Despite Slowing Economic Growth Indonesia's IHSG Gains 0.60%

    After the one-day holiday due to the Islamic new year, Indonesia's benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) started in the red on Wednesday (06/11) amid the continued depreciation of the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar and the mixed performance of Asian stock indices (influenced by weakening global indices on the previous day). However, during the day a number of stocks, which had fallen previously, became popular investment targets, which supported the index.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Rupiah Continue Decline on Monday

    Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Rupiah Continue Decline on Monday

    On Monday (04/11), Indonesia's benchmark stock index (IHSG) fell 0.21 percent to 4,423.29 points. Besides the negative influence of falling indices across Asia and foreign net selling of Indonesian stocks, the IHSG was also dragged down by the continued depreciation of the Indonesian rupiah exchange rate (against the US dollar). When US manufacturing data showed that manufacturing activity grew faster than expected in October, the US dollar gained and thus the rupiah became pressured.

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  • Analysis and Forecast of Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG)

    Last week, the Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) weakened. The benchmark stock index of Indonesia was affected by negative market sentiments brought on by domestic factors. Most importantly, the large-scale demonstrations across Indonesia by Indonesian workers who demanded for higher minimum wages as annual inflation has surged since June 2013 after prices of subsidized fuels were raised. These demands, however, jeopardize the attractiveness of Indonesia's investment climate.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) and Indonesian Rupiah Fall on Friday

    The Jakarta Composite Index (Indonesia's benchmark stock index) fell 1.73 percent on Friday (01/11) to 4,432.58 points. A persistent concern for investors is the tapering issue of the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program. Analysts expect the program to continue at a pace of USD $85 billion per month until at least March 2014, but investors remain concerned. Another issue that brought negative market sentiments was September's trade figure, which was released today. In September, Indonesia recorded a trade deficit of USD $657.2 million.

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  • Fed Outcome and Mixed Corporate Earnings Reports Cause Falling Index

    Despite foreign investors recording a net buy on the Jakarta Composite Index on Thursday (31/10), a depreciating rupiah as well as falling stock indices across Asia made investors concerned. Thus, the benchmark index of Indonesia followed the pace of other Asian indices and ended on 4,510.63 points (a 1.40 percent fall). The outcome of the Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting did not support the rupiah. On the contrary, the rupiah fell after the Fed stated to continue quantitative easing but that the tapering may start sooner than expected.

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