Obviously, this bill has everything to do with the central government’s plan to move the capital city from Jakarta to Nusantara – currently in the progress of being built – in East Kalimantan. However, before there is any confusion, Jakarta does remain the capital city for now, as it will require a Presidential Decree to formally transfer that title from Jakarta to Nusantara. And, at this moment, it remains unknown when this Decree will see the light of day. However, it is interesting to mention though, that the government started recruiting civil servants for Nusantara in April 2024 (a sign that –besides physical construction– more concrete steps are taken to move the capital).

Abdullah Azwar Anas, Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, stated in Indonesian media that there are 225,000 vacancies for Nusantara opening in April 2024, and that fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for these positions. He added that the government is early in terms of looking for Nusantara’s civil servants so that applicants have plenty of time to prepare for their move to East Kalimantan over the next couple of years.


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