In this December 2022 edition some special attention is given to the bauxite ore export ban that is scheduled to be imposed in June 2023. This ban was announced by Indonesian President Joko Widodo shortly ahead of Christmas. What are the consequences (and risks) of this ban?

Another topic is the legislative and presidential elections that are scheduled for 14 February 2024. While this is more than a year away, the campaign period will start in November 2023, and so political parties and politicians need to formulate their strategies and presidential candidates soon (turning 2023 into a political year).

Meanwhile, the new Omnibus Law on Finance includes an article on the development of the digital rupiah (central bank digital currency, or CBDC). It is interesting to take a closer look at this subject because around the world central banks seem eager to develop CBDC.

Another interesting topic is the enormous slide of stocks that are related to the digital economy on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2022 (such as GoTo Gojek Tokopedia and various shares of branchless digital banks).

Also, the controversial articles in Indonesia's new Criminal Code are being discussed. Do these articles reflect the existing norms in Indonesian society or are they bound to turn Indonesia into a more conservative society?

Various other topics are also presented in the report, such as an in-depth look into Indonesia's macroeconomic data that enables us to assess the state of the Indonesian economy.

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