The acquisition of the Amos Cozy Hotel & Convention Hall is an interesting project for an investor or group of investors because there is no need to invest time and money in the construction of the property, no need to invest in furniture and decoration, no need to invest in facilities and infrastructure (such as a pool, dining, Internet, parking etc), and no need to find a big team of staff-workers (receptionists, cooks, cleaners etc.) because the hotel has been up and running since 2011 with an average annual net income of USD $3 million.

Amos Cozy Hotel & Convention Hall Jakarta is an elegant hotel with Eurasian touch and blends peacefully with modern culture. The hotel is located in the heart of South Jakarta's affluent business and commercial district of Blok M., surrounded by popular shopping malls, entertainment centers, and restaurants, all within easy walking distance.

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Those who are interested in the project can contact Indonesia Investments for more information at or +6287884106944 (WhatsApp), including a tour in the hotel.