According to Fortune magazine: "In 2005, the self-made furniture exporter [Jokowi] was elected mayor of Solo, a 500,000-person city in Indonesia. He cleaned up the city and rooted out corruption, thrilling an Indonesian public weary of the status quo. His ascent since then has been swift: In 2012, Jokowi became Governor of Jakarta. Currently, he is the favorite for Indonesia's July 2014 presidential election."

 50 Greatest World Leaders
  1. Pope Francis
  2. Angela Merkel
  3. Alan Mulally
  4. Warren Buffett
  5. Bill Clinton
  6. Aung San Suu Kyi
  7. Joe Dunford
  8. Bono
  9. Dalai Lama
 10. Jeff Bezos
 37. Joko Widodo

Source: Fortune Magazine