• Charles Baker

    The London School of Economics (LSE)
      Research University
    Current position Independent Researcher
    Expertise Religion and Politics | Labour development | Geopolitics
  • R.M.A. van der Schaar

    R.M.A. van der Schaar Business Consultant
    Institute Indonesia Investments
      Private Investment Company
    Current position Managing Director
    Expertise Investment & Business Strategies | Investment & Business Environment | Macroeconomics & Politics | Cultural Studies
  • Richard Cox

    Institute Prime Capital Bank
      Financial Institution
    Current position Head of Research
    Expertise Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Wisnu Winardi

    Wisnu Winardi
    Institute Statistics Indonesia - Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS)
      Government Agency
    Current position Section Chief of the Foreign Balance
    Expertise Macroeconomics | Trade