Hendi Prio Santoso, President Director of Semen Indonesia, says the deal turns the company into the biggest cement producer in the Southeast Asian region but also cements Semen Indonesia's leading role at home.

In full-year 2017 Semen Indonesia controlled 40.8 percent of the domestic cement market, a much bigger share compared to its main rival Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa (which had a 25.2 percent market share last year). Meanwhile, Holcim Indonesia (which is set to be acquired by Semen Indonesia) controlled a 14.6 percent market share in 2017. The acquisition will therefore push Semen Indonesia's market share to above 50 percent.

Moreover, the acquisition will boost Semen Indonesia's cement production capacity to 53 million tons per ton, thus turning the company into one of the world's ten biggest cement producers.

On Wednesday (14/11) shares of Semen Indonesia, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, rose 9.29 percent to IDR 10,000 per share. Shares of Holcim Indonesia were up 0.25 percent to IDR 1,990 per share.

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(4) an update on the cement industry of Indonesia.

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