Kumala added that AISI is optimistic that shipments of motorcycles from Indonesia to overseas market will continue to grow sharply in 2018. However, these exports still come from a low base. For comparison, domestic sales of motorcycles reached 5.88 million motorcycle units in 2017.

What explains great growth of Indonesian motorcycle exports over the past 12 months? According to Kumala, foreign countries increasingly "accept" Indonesian motorcycle units as the quality of the units is good and the price is competitive. Main export markets are Southeast Asian nations, Japan, and the European Union.

Particularly exports of Honda and Yamaha units experienced great growth over the past year. Yamaha is leading the ranking in terms of exports. Over full-year 2017 a total of 249,070 Yamaha units were shipped abroad from Indonesia, up 48.9 percent (y/y) from 167,266 units in 2016. Rising shipments of Yamaha's were particularly supported by great growth of the NMAX and XMAX models.

Motorcycle Exports from Indonesia:

Brand   2015   2016   2017
Yamaha 151,220 167,266 249,070
Honda  26,199  59,311 119,001
TVS  16,195  21,712  32,793
Suzuki  25,558  28,484  25,585
Kawasaki   9,057   7,292   4,738
Total 228,229 284,065 431,187

¹ AISI data only involve completely built up (CBU) units
Source: AISI