Industry Sector Transportation
Industry Sub Sector Transport Services
Established 1989
Listed 2 November 2012
Listed company code TAXI
Listed Shares 1,051,280,000
Dividend Yes
Major Shareholders (>5%) Rajawali Corpora (51.00%)
Key Subsidiaries Satria Express Perdana
Express Sabana Utama

Express is the biggest competitor of the Blue Bird Group with regard to taxi operations in Indonesia. Currently Blue Bird is still market leader but Express is showing signs of aggressive expansion. On 2 November 2012 Express debuted on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (making it Indonesia's first publicly traded cab service) by selling 49 percent of its equity. Express will use proceeds of the IPO to increase and rejuvenate its fleet, and to acquire an entire stake in a small taxi operator (Ekspres Mulia Kencana) which will add 2,000 licensed taxi units to the company.

Express provides the following services:

Regular Taxi Services
Premium Taxi Services
Value Added Transportation Business

However, almost 90 percent of the company's income comes from the regular taxi services.

     2009    2010    2011    2012¹    2013¹    2015¹
Taxi Fleet Size
  3,198   4,922   6,002   8,035   10,000  15,000

¹ indicates a prognosis
Sources: NewsIDX and

The Indonesian Taxi Market

Despite the chaotic conditions (traffic congestions) on the roads of some big Indonesian cities - brought on due to a lack of investments in the country's infrastructure - Indonesia's taxi market offers growth opportunities for a number of reasons:

The country contains a large population that becomes increasingly urbanized.
Macroeconomic growth; Indonesia's middle class is expanding and GDP per capita rises accordingly.
A lack of investments in public transportation makes taxis a more attractive alternative.


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Jalan Sukarjo Wiryopranoto No. 11
Jakarta 11160
Phone: +62 21 2650 7000
Fax: +62 21 2650 7001