By adding production lines to its factories in Indonesia, raise output and improve its services, LG Electronics aims to boost its market share in Indonesia. The production figure of LG OLED TVs is expected to be raised seven-fold to 350,000 units per month, while output of LG Ultra HD TVs is expected to be raised (at least) two-fold to 7,000 units per month. Besides television units, LG Electronics Indonesia manufactures washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and audio-video devices. Jaeyoung Lee, President Director of LG Electronics Indonesia, said the company’s contribution to the global electronics market is around 4 - 5 percent.

LG Electronics also wants to make its Indonesian factories the supply center for other markets in Southeast Asia as well as Australia. In these factories it will produce about 30 types of Ultra HD TVs ranging from 40 inch to 84 inch-sized televisions. Regarding the LG OLED TVs, its Indonesian factories will produce 55 inch to 68 inch-sized units.

OLED TVs is known for boasting perfect blackness and color contrast (compared to LCD). However, OLED TVs have a more tricky production process hence causing higher production costs and TV prices.

The LG Smart TV (equipped with the WebOS 3.0 operating system) has several unique features such as magic zoom, magic mobile connection and magic remote.

New TV Products LG Electronics in Indonesia:

Type of Television Inch
Price Indication
 (in IDR million)
LG OLED TV 4k   65            70
LG UH850T   55            32
LG UH850T   65            45
LG Smart TV (WebOS 3.0)   55            14

Source: Investor Daily