Topics that were discussed at the conference included the reluctance of western countries to consult with the conference members on matters affecting Asia at a time when the Cold War between the USA and Russia reached a climax, concern over tension between China and the USA, opposition to colonialism (particularly French rule in Algeria and French influence in North Africa), and Indonesia's objection to the Dutch possession of the western half of New Guinea (Irian Barat).

The Bandung Conference was organized by Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, and Pakistan. The other participants were Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nepal, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, North Vietnam (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), South Vietnam (State of Vietnam), and Yemen.

A key result of the conference was the 10 Point Declaration of World Peace and Cooperation (also known as the Bandung Declaration). This declaration included most of the principals of the United Nations (UN).

Respect for fundamental human rights and for the purposes and principles of the charter of the United Nations
Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations
Recognition of the equality of all races and of the equality of all nations large and small
Abstention from intervention or interference in the internal affairs of another country
Respect for the right of each nation to defend itself, singly or collectively, in conformity with the charter of the United Nations
(a) Abstention from the use of arrangements of collective defense to serve any particular interests of the big powers, (b) Abstention by any country from exerting pressures on other countries
Refraining from acts or threats of aggression or the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any country
Settlement of all international disputes by peaceful means, such as negotiation, conciliation, arbitration or judicial settlement as well as other peaceful means of the parties own choice, in conformity with the charter of the United Nations
Promotion of mutual interests and cooperation
Respect for justice and international obligations

Preparations for the 1st Asian-African Conference


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