In addition to the international musicians, dozens of Indonesian musicians will also took part in this event. "The existence of this event - that brings brings international musicians to Yogyakarta - is a cause of pride for Yogyakarta citizens," local musician Dinno Alshan said.

Alshan added that he believes developments in the digital era are no barrier to the existence of musical performances in this region. In fact, on-screen shows or recordings can never match a music festival, especially in this case where the music festival not only presents music, but also constitutes a medium that combines culture, nature and music.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival on Bali

For fanatic jazz lovers in Indonesia there is more than the Indihome Prambanan Jazz festival alone. In the week before this festival - namely on 11-12 August 2017 - jazz lovers can visit the Ubud Village Jazz festival that is held on the popular island Bali.

The festival, this year themed "Beautiful Music or Beautiful Minds", will be organized for the fifth straight year. Yuri Mahatma, a co-founder of the festival, said a diverse range of jazz streams are presented at the event, ranging from mainstream, modern, and traditional to Latin music.

International musicians scheduled to perform at this year's edition in Bali include Steve Barry, Gerald Clayton, Joe Sanders, and Gregory Hutchinson. Local Balinese guitarist Wayan Balawan will also perform a set of his mixed musical concept featuring traditional Balinese gamelan.