Indonesia's IHSG ended today's trading day at the level of 5,121.40, an 1.66 percent fall.

The IDR rupiah fell against the US dollar after Ben Bernanke announced in the FOMC meeting that there is room for a gradual reduction in the stimulus program although it will be maintained for now. Moreover, the strengthening of the Japanese yen after the country's 10-year government bond yield rose above one percent, was able to offset the rate of appreciation of the US dollar and limited the rupiah's fall.

| Source: Bank Indonesia

Asian stock indices were all down after the FOMC meeting, the rise of the Yen, and the preliminary release of data that indicate a weakening of China's manufacturing. Basic industries and consumer stocks led the fall, but technology and raw food materials. Investors took their opportunity for profit taking as most Asian stock indices had experienced a rally recently.