Securities Account at an Indonesian Broker

For Indonesian citizens and those foreigners/expats who live in Indonesia (thus who have a resident permit/KITAS or KITAP) it is possible to open a securities account at an Indonesian broker. Usually the following steps need to be taken:

1. Submit a copy of your passport
2. Fill in the agreement form provided by the broker
3. Pay a deposit; the amount varies from broker to broker (let's say USD $5,000)
4. Obtain approval for the account

However, for an individual (as opposed to corporate) foreign investor who does not have a KITAS and Indonesian tax number (NPWP) it is very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to open a securities account in Indonesia. But not all brokers have the same policies and therefore you are advised to contact brokers and inquire about their exact policies regarding foreign clients. For example, some brokerages will approve an account for an expat who does not have a NPWP (but the KITAS is still required though).

An extensive list of brokers that are active in Indonesia's secondary market is provided on the official website of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. It is important to do some research about the broker before you decide to become a client as it has occurred that Indonesian brokers (in particular smaller ones) embezzled their clients' money. The IDX monitors brokers that are member of the IDX, but does not publish any preliminary findings. Announcements will only be made when the IDX decides to suspend a broker due to irregularities, but by then it is often too late for investor clients to withdraw their money.  

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