However, the findings do shed some light on what happened - and what went wrong - during the flight. In this article we only provide an update on the Lion Air case based on the preliminary findings that were reported to Indonesian parliament. For a detailed description of all earlier developments related to the fatal flight, we refer you to the article that is included in our October 2018 research report.

The preliminary findings were reported by Captain Nurcahyo Utomo, Head of the Air Accident Subcommittee of the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee. Part of the crucial data stemmed from the Lion Air plane's black box, which was recovered from the bottom of the shallow waters off the coast of Karawang.

There were two key messages conveyed in Capt. Utomo’s statements: one about movements of the ill-fated airplane during the short 13-minute flight, and the other about the condition of the Lion Air plane (a modern Boeing 737 Max).


This articles discusses:

details surrounding the preliminary findings, mainly about the erratic movements of the plane and the condition of the plane prior to its last flight
transcript of the last conversation between pilots and ground
overview of safety issues in Indonesia's aviation sector

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