Advertisement Spending
Growth (%)
Semester I-2009        IDR 22.06 trillion         -
Semester I-2010        IDR 28.50 trillion       29.2
Semester I-2011        IDR 33.45 trillion       17.4
Semester I-2012        IDR 40.92 trillion       22.3
Semester I-2013        IDR 51.16 trillion       25.0

Source: Nielsen Company

A number of products that contributed significantly to the increase of advertisement spending on television are hair care products (which grew 21 percent to IDR 2.2 trillion), telecommunication (which grew 20 percent to IDR 1.6 trillion), coffee and tea (which grew 144 percent to IDR 1.6 trillion), and clove cigarettes (which rose 53 percent to IDR 1.6 trillion).

Although the portion of advertisement spending in newspapers towards total advertisement spending fell due to the rise of television, in absolute terms the value of advertisement spending in newspapers rose 15 percent, particularly due to spending by government and political organizations (which grew 72 percent to IDR 2 trillion) ahead of the legislative and presidential elections in mid-2014.

The largest share of total advertisement spending in the media of Indonesia is accounted for by Indonesian companies, particularly those active in the telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods and finance sectors of Indonesia.