Meanwhile, Indonesia's motorcycle exports in the January-May 2017 period rose 27.4 percent to 155,034 units from 121,442 units in the same period one year earlier.

Of the five Indonesian motorcycle manufacturers that ship their output abroad, only Kawasaki Motor Indonesia recorded a decline in exports in the January-May 2017 period. The others - Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, Astra Honda Motor, Suzuki Indomobil Sales, and TVS Motor Company Indonesia - showed good growth (see table below).

Sigit Kumala, Chairman of Aisi, said May exports are a great improvement from the small decline that was detected in the preceding month. In April 2016 Indonesia's motorcycle exports slid modestly as several export destination countries (for example the Philippines) experienced some domestic troubles that made local consumers decide to postpone the purchase of a motorcycle.

The recovery in May was not only attributed to Indonesian manufacturers' efforts to enlarge their export markets but also to the fact that manufacturers started to offer a wider variety of motorcycle units to the international audience.

Motorcycle Exports from Indonesia:

Brand   2014   2015   2016   2017¹
Yamaha  19,820 151,220 167,266  87,613
Honda   4,410  26,199  59,311  44,353
Suzuki    117  25,558  28,484  10,483
TVS  12,539  16,195  21,712  11.035
Kawasaki   4,860   9,057   7,292   1,550

¹ January-May 2017
Sources: Bisnis Indonesia