On 2 November, the Indonesia Stock Exchange had already suspended trading of Golden Eagle Energy after its shares had fallen 56.5 percent between 12 October and 2 November. Trading in the company's shares was allowed to resume on 3 November.

Rajawali Corpora, founded in 1984 by business tycoon Peter Sondhak, is one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates.

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Earlier this month, the Indonesia Stock Exchange suspended stock trading of Express Transindo Utama, Sekawan Intipratama, Intan Baruprana Finance, and Siwani Makmur. Activities of three brokerages - Danareksa Sekuritas, Reliance Securities, and Millenium Danatama Sekuritas - were also suspended for one day (11 November) related to the ongoing investigation into the alleged fictitious trading of coal mining firm Sekawan Intipratama's shares.