Between 07:00 am and 13:00 pm today (Wednesday 19 April 2017) an estimated 7.2 million eligible Jakartan voters visited polling stations to vote for their new governor. The race was expected to be a tight one between incumbent Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) and former education minister Anies Baswedan.

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Indonesia Investments presents the quick count results below. These quick count results - especially when taking the average of all of them - have proved to be a highly reliable indicator of the official result (that is expected to be released by the nation's elections commission in May 2017).

Live Quick Count Results Released on Indonesian TV Channels (99% of votes counted)

17:01 pm, Wednesday 19/04
Basuki Tjahaja
Cyrus Real Count 42.65% 57.35%
TV One 44.59% 55.41%
INews Research 40.87% 59.13%
Litbang Kompas 41.89% 58.11%
SCTV 41.10% 58.90%
CNN Indonesia
- Lingkaran Survei Indonesia
44.59% 55.41%
CNN Indonesia
- Saiful Mujani R&C
41.58% 58.42%
CNN Indonesia
- Polmark Indonesia
42.43% 57.57%
Metro TV
- Voxpol
40.70% 59.30%
Metro TV
- Charta Politika
42.14% 57.86%
Metro TV
- Indo Barometer
41.51% 58.49%

Source: various sources


Live Blog Updates (last update 16:45 pm local Jakarta time, 19/04/2017)

[11:00 am] There are no reports of any incidents or misconduct. The people of Jakarta are voting peacefully as polling stations are guarded by army and police officers.

[12:35 pm] The spokesman of Ahok, quoted by Indonesian news portal, says there are cases of intimidation in several polling stations in West Jakarta and one in North Jakarta. Voters and local residents are concerned because there emerged unknown masses at these polling stations. There are also some reports about the lack of enough voting papers at several polling stations. But at most of the 13,000 polling stations across Jakarta there seem to occur no real problems.

[12:40 pm] It is nearly time to close the polling stations, thus it won't be long before the first quick counts come in.

[13:25 pm] At several polling stations the vote counting process has started. At many others people have lunch first. We expect to see the fist data in the table above around 14:00 pm.

[14:35 pm] While the quick counts are coming in it's looking bright for Anies Baswedan, who is leading most - if not all - quick count results (with about one-fifth of the votes having been counted).

[15:35 pm] As about 80 percent of votes have been counted through the quick count process we don't expect to see any drastic movements. This means Jakarta will have a new governor for the 2017-2022 period. Contrary to what most surveys ahead of the 2md round had indicated, the gap between both candidates is actually rather big.

[16:45 pm] Anies Baswedan and Prabowo Subianto (chairman of the Gerindra party that backs Baswedan) gave an impromptu press conference in which they claimed victory in the second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election. Baswedan said the journey is still long for his team and his main aim is to bring justice for the people of Jakarta.

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