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  • Indonesia Investments' May 2021 Report: Road to Net Zero Emissions

    On 7 June 2021 Indonesia Investments released its new report, titled Road to Net Zero Emissions. In this report we discuss a selection of relevant topics (related to politics, the economy, and social matters) with a special emphasis on how political, ideological, and socio-economic developments in the West impact on Indonesia. One might wonder to what extent does Western imperialism in Asia continue up to the present day?

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  • Indonesia Investments' December 2020 Report Released

    On Monday 4 January 2021 Indonesia Investments released its December 2020 report. The report zooms in on the key economic, political and social events that occurred in Indonesia in the month of December 2020. Special attention is given to Indonesia's 2020 regional elections, the latest cabinet reshuffle, and the electric vehicle. 

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  • Subscriber Update Indonesia Investments - Widodo's Cabinet Reshuffle

    On 22 December 2020 Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced that several ministers in his Onward Indonesia Cabinet (in Indonesian: Kabinet Indonesia Maju) were replaced in order to improve the performance of the cabinet. This message was no surprise as rumors about an upcoming cabinet reshuffle had grown increasingly strong over the preceding week.

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  • Subscriber Update - Zooming in on the 2020 Local Elections of Indonesia

    In recent times, almost each year can be labelled a ‘political year’ for Indonesia as a big number of elections – regional or central – need to be organized. While the year 2020 is not as big in terms of political elections compared to 2019 (when Indonesia’s presidential and legislative elections were held) it is still an important year as some 100.3 million Indonesians were eligible to vote in the 2020 regional elections.

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  • In Memoriam: Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (1936–2019), Third President of Indonesia

    On 11 September 2019, Bacharuddin Jusuf (B.J.) Habibie passed away at the respectable age of 83 at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Central Jakarta. By the end of his life B.J. Habibie had become a true statesman, respected across Indonesia, and therefore the central government immediately declared three days of national mourning shortly after his passing. This means that the Indonesian flag (merah-putih) is positioned at half-mast during the three days following his death (12-15 September 2019).

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Artikel Terbaru Politics

  • Political & Economic Update Indonesia - Closing A Remarkable Year

    Another year has passed, and therefore we would like to wish all of our subscribers a happy, healthy, and successful 2021! The transition to a brand new year is also typically a great occasion to look back at the year that has passed and look forward to the one that has arrived (and some may even have made a couple of New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to achieve a certain goal or change a bad habit).

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  • Rising Concerns Over Whether Bank Indonesia Remains Independent from the Government

    In September 2020 concern arose over whether the House of Representatives (DPR) is trying to undermine the country’s central bank (Bank Indonesia)’s independence (from the government). The DPR’s legislation body came with a bill (a draft revision of the Bank Indonesia Law) that contains a number of controversial articles, making analysts concerned about the quality of future monetary policymaking in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Investments' July 2020 Report; A Modest Rebound

    It is becoming clearer by the day that economic growth in Indonesia, in 2020, will be derailed enormously. Analysts and authoritative institutions (both international and domestic ones) have, again, cut their forecasts for Indonesia’s economic growth in Q2-2020 (decisions that obviously also have consequences for Indonesia’s full-year 2020 economic growth outlooks).

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  • Indonesian Politics & Economy: Looking Back on 2019, Looking Forward to 2020

    What marked the year 2019 for Indonesia was national politics. Although in these present times each year feels like a ‘political year’ for Indonesia – as the country’s local elections are spread out across years (and in 2020 it will be the turn of voters in various parts of the Archipelago to elect nine governors, 224 regents and 37 mayors) – the year 2019 was in fact a particularly ‘huge political year’ for Indonesia because of the (general) presidential and legislative elections that were held on 17 April 2019.

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  • New Cabinet Takes Office; Last-Minute Surprise Gives Widodo Majority in Parliament

    Although the signs were there in the past couple of weeks, it still came as a surprise to us that defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto made the last-minute decision to throw his support behind Indonesian President Joko Widodo. It effectively means that his Great Indonesia Movement party (or Gerindra) – previously the biggest opposition party – has now joined Widodo’s coalition, and thereby handing Widodo a massive majority in national parliament.

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  • Public Opinion and the Political Economy of Growth Deceleration

    Given a variety of recent events, Indonesia has seemingly entered a liminal phase in its development trajectory, suggesting that its economic vulnerability will be tested in new ways. The present circumstances should be understood as a particular test for the ability of policy initiatives to temper the effects of perturbing exogenous factors and demand shocks to the overall economy.

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