Therefore, Mayora Indah continues to develop and launch new coffee products. Its latest coffee product is called Torabika Tora Cafe, produced by its subsidiary Torabika Eka Semesta. This new product blends coffee with sweetened condensed milk chocolate.

Coffee products accounted for 47.79 percent - or IDR 6.83 trillion (approx. USD $506 million) - of Mayora Indah's total sales in the first three quarters of 2017 (IDR 14.29 trillion). The remainder stems from the company's food products.

All coffee beans that are used for Mayora Indah's coffee products are sourced domestically (Indonesia is one of the world's biggest coffee producers and exporters, especially the lower quality robusta beans).

Mayora Indah has two subsidiaries that focus on the coffee business line: Torabika Eka Semesta and Kakao Mas Gemilang. Torabika Eka Semesta, which was established in 1990, has its factory in Tangerang (Banten). Meanwhile, Kakao Mas Gemilang, which was established in 1985, is a subsidiary of Torabika Eka Semesta and has its factory in Banten as well.

Besides the existing factories in Banten, Mayora Indah is currently finalizing the development of a new 40-hectares sized factory in Tangerang (Banten). Most of the capital expenditure budget (IDR 700 billion) that was allocated for 2017 is used to develop this factory. The factory will produce biscuits.

Some well-known coffee products of Mayora Indah are Torabika Duo, Torabika Duo Susu, Torabika Jahe Susu, Torabika Moka, Torabika 3 in One, Torabika Cappuccino, Kopiko Brown Coffee, Kopika White Coffee, and Kopiko White Mocca.

In full-year 2017 Mayora Indah targets to achieve a 9.6 percent (y/y) increase in sales to IDR 20.11 trillion, from revenue realization of IDR 18.35 trillion (IDR 1.40 billion) in the preceding year. Besides focusing on the domestic market, Mayora Indah also exports plenty of its output, primarily to Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Portugal.