The company plans to move the factory to Karawang, one of the key automotive hubs in Indonesia. However, other locations are also still a possibility. Mitsubishi Corporation is also seeking advice from Indonesia's Industry Ministry to make the best decision. Earlier, the Indonesian government had already stated that it encourages the country's automotive companies to cluster together in automotive industry centers, such as in Karawang, Kendal, or Gresik.

Relocating the factory is not a small step and therefore the company will first carefully study the impact of the move before making any decisions. Matters that are studied include the investment required to relocate the factory to a new location and issues related to labor. In Pulo Gadung Mitsubishi faces difficulty to expand their facilities as their industrial estate is located too close to the city. Moreover, land prices are very high in that region.

Mitsubishi Corporation partners with Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors for the distribution of Mitsubishi vehicles on the Indonesian market. At the Pulo Gadung factory it produces up to 50,000 commercial vehicles per year. Mitsubishi Fuso is the market leader in the commercial vehicle sector of Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Car Sales in Indonesia:

2017 Sold Cars
January   7,982
February   9,069
March   8,868
April   8,039
May  11,217
June   7,859
July   8,345
August   9,185
September  10,934

Source: Bisnis Indonesia