Sigit Kumala, Chairman of AISI's Commercial Department, said repeat orders from several important export markets were the key reason for strong export growth of Indonesian motorcycles in the first month of 2018. Between 60 - 70 percent of motorcycle exports from Indonesia, last month, involved repeat orders. Kumala said it is possible that these nations first ordered limited quantities of Indonesian motorcycles, but after these units proved popular and reliable they requested for more shipments.

Most popular export item, in terms of Indonesian motorcycle exports, is the scooter. Nearly 49 percent of all exported motorcycle exports from Indonesia involved scooters in January 2018, led by Yamaha and Honda units.

A relatively new market for Indonesian motorcycles is Latin America. Although exports to this region are still low, Kumala is optimistic that shipments will grow in the period ahead.

Prices of Indonesian motorcycles are competitive on the international market because manufacturers/distributors do not differentiate between units sold on the domestic market or abroad, meaning the price is the same.

Motorcycle Exports Indonesia - January 2018:

Brand Jan.
Yamaha 16,620 23,030
Honda  8,178  6,281
Suzuki  1,131  4,445
TVS  2,197  3,328
Kawasaki   280   937
Total Exports 28,406 38,021

Source: AISI