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  • Jakarta Composite Index & Rupiah under Pressure on Thursday

    In line with expectations the US Federal Reserve left its benchmark interest rate unchanged in the range of 1.50 - 1.75 percent at the two-day May policy meeting (1-2 May 2018). The US central bank also said it expects the recent rise in inflation (approaching the Fed's target) to be sustained, thus markets are increasingly expecting an interest rate hike at the next policy meeting (scheduled for 12-13 June).

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  • Bank Indonesia to Raise Its Benchmark Interest Rate in 2018?

    Indonesia Investments expects to see Bank Indonesia raising its benchmark interest rate at least once in 2018 in order to relieve pressures on the Indonesian rupiah. Rising expectations that the US Federal Reserve will implement four interest rate hikes in 2018, while the 10-year US treasury yield  passed beyond the 3 percent line, have resulted in major pressures on emerging market assets, including Indonesia's rupiah and stocks.

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  • Another Tough Day for Indonesian Stocks, Rupiah Strengthens

    Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index continued to be plagued by a sell-off on Thursday (26/04) after already having fallen 2.40 percent on the preceding trading day. Today the benchmark index of Indonesia plunged another 2.81 percent to 5,909.20 points amid climbing US treasury yields (passing beyond the psychological boundary of three percent).

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  • Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Fall after US Treasury Yields Top 3%

    Indonesian stocks and the rupiah remained under heavy pressure on Wednesday (25/04) after the benchmark ten-year US bond yields passed beyond the 3 percent level (for the first time since early 2014), thus lifting the US dollar and causing capital outflows from emerging markets. While most Asian stocks are trading in red territory today, Indonesian stocks are the most badly affected. The benchmark Jakarta Composite Index tumbled 2.40 percent to 6,079.85 points.

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  • Indonesian Rupiah Approaching IDR 14,000 per US Dollar Level, Why?

    The Indonesian rupiah is approaching the IDR 14,000 per US dollar level, the currency's weakest position since mid-December 2015. On Monday (23/04) the rupiah depreciated 0.59 percent to IDR 13,975 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Considering the fundamentals of the domestic economy are strong (despite some room for concern about Indonesia's widening current account deficit), it are external factors that put pressure on the rupiah.

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  • Currency Update: Rupiah Under Pressure Amid US Dollar Strength

    The Indonesian rupiah depreciated heavily against the US dollar on Friday (20/04) amid the release of positive US economic data, a rise in the benchmark 10-year US bond yields, while the US Federal Reserve may remain on track to push for monetary tightening as concerns about geopolitical trouble and a global trade war ease. Meanwhile, the start of the US earnings season was promising with 88 percent of released reports either meeting or exceeding consensus (so far about 15 percent of US companies have released their corporate earnings reports).

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  • Link Between Dividend Payouts & Depreciation of Indonesian Rupiah

    At least 11 listed companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange announced that they are ready to payout dividends to shareholders in the upcoming March-April dividend season. However, the traditional dividend season also implies rising pressures on the rupiah exchange rate as a significant number of shareholders are foreign investors.

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  • Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index & Rupiah Down on Renewed Trade Fears

    Many Asian stocks are in deep red territory dragged down by a 3.49 percent decline of Japan's Nikkei 225 index in the morning of Friday (23/03). The Nikkei 225 is responding to plunging stocks on Wall Street overnight where the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 2.9 percent, while both the S&P 500 index and Nasdaq Composite dropped 2.5 percent, each. All three benchmark US indexes suffered their biggest drops since 8 February 2018.

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  • What Is the Impact of the Federal Reserve's Latest Rate Hike on Indonesia?

    As was widely expected by markets, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate to the range of 1.50 - 1.75 percent, which is the highest level since 2008, at the March 2018 monthly policy meeting on Wednesday (21/03). The rate hike was already priced in as few expected a different decision, hence most Southeast Asian stock indexes are up on Thursday (22/03), including Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index that rose 0.19 percent to 6,324.78 points in the first trading session.

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