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  • Large USD-Denominated Bond Sale; Indonesia's Rupiah Moves Sideways

    The Indonesia rupiah exchange rate is moving sideways on Wednesday's trading day (08/01). At 13:00 local Jakarta time, the rupiah was down 0.02 percent to IDR 12,240 per US dollar based on the Bloomberg Dollar Index. This morning the US dollar slightly depreciated against most Asian currencies after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said to plan to upgrade its forecast for global economic growth as the US economy improves. Yesterday, Indonesia held Asia's largest US dollar-denominated bonds since 1998.

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  • Indonesian Government Auctions First Ever Euro-Denominated Bonds in 2014

    The Indonesian government will issue Euro-denominated bonds in 2014. This will be the first time in Indonesian history that the government issues bonds in the Euro currency. Aim of the issuance, which will have a maturity date ranging from 5 to 10 years, is government loan refinancing. Scenaider CH Siahaan, Director for Strategy and Debt Portfolio at the Finance Ministry's Directorate General of Debt Management, said that the government will hold a total of 44 bond auctions in 2014.

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  • Indonesian Government May Issue its First Ever Euro Bonds in 2014

    In anticipation of tighter US dollar supplies, the government of Indonesia is considering the issuance of euro-denominated bonds in 2014. This would be the first time for the government to issue bonds in the currency. Robert Pakpahan, head of the debt office within Indonesia's Finance Ministry, said that they are discussing both euro- and yen-denominated sovereign bonds, equivalent to USD $6 billion. The bonds will be used to cover the country's budget deficit, which is set at 1.69 percent of GDP or IDR 175.4 trillion (USD $15.5 billion) in 2014.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Expects 30 Newly Listed Companies in 2014

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange expects that 30 companies will conduct their initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2014. This target is the same as the target that had been set for this year. Next year, legislative and political elections in Indonesia will bring some uncertainties to the Indonesian market and may be a reason for some companies to postpone the IPO. Up to now, six companies have announced to conduct their IPO in 2014. In 2013 so far, 25 companies have been newly listed on the IDX.

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  • Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves Grow Slightly in August 2013

    For the first time since April 2013, Indonesia's foreign exchange reserves have shown a small growth. Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) stated that in late August, the foreign exchange reserves rose to USD $92.99 billion from USD $92.67 billion a month earlier. The growth was a surprise as continued capital outflows from Indonesia's financial markets was expected to translate into lower reserves. Last week, Indonesia's benchmark stock index fell 2.97 percent, while the rupiah fell 2.55 percent against the US dollar.

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  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI): A Leading Indonesian Commercial Bank

    Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI): A Leading Indonesian Commercial Bank

    Indonesia Investments has updated the company profile of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia and the country's second largest lender by assets. The bank's business focus mainly lies on banking services in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s). BRI was a state-owned company until 2003 when it listed 30 percent of its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). It is currently one of the largest Indonesian companies in terms of market capitalization.

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  • Garuda Indonesia Plans to Sell Bonds Worth IDR 2 Trillion in Quarter II - 2013

    Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia's national airline, is planning to sell bonds worth IDR 2 trillion (US $205.1 million) in Quarter II - 2013. The bonds, which are denominated in IDR rupiah, will have a five-year maturity. Proceeds of the bond issuance will be used by the company for capital expenditure (capex), which includes investments in aircrafts and working capital. The airline is currently searching for a lead underwriter through a tender.

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  • No Stock Split for Nippon Indosari; Bonds Issuance Depends on EGM

    Nippon Indosari Corpindo, Indonesia’s largest producer of bread products, will not pursue a stock split to improve its stocks' liquidity on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG). According to analysts, the company's stocks are fairly active and thus will not need such a measure. Nippon Indosari's stocks have fallen by around 11 percent this year. This performance is in stark contrast with 2012 when it gained 112.3 percent during the year.

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  • Indonesian Market Update: Various Financial Reports and Stock Listing News

    Today, various announcements were made by Indonesian companies regarding financial reports, bond issuance and initial public offerings (IPOs). This today's headline compiles the most important announcements below. It covers annual net profit reports of Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tower Bersama Infrastructure and Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional, a bond issuance of Bank Tabungan Negara, and IPOs of GMF AeroAsia and a Kompas Gramedia Group unit.

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Artikel Terbaru Bonds

  • Indonesian Bonds Added to Bloomberg Barclay's Global Aggregate Index

    Indonesian Bonds Added to Bloomberg Barclay's Global Aggregate Index

    Indonesia's global rupiah-denominated government bonds will enter the Bloomberg Barclay's Global Aggregate Index per May 2018. On Wednesday (21/02) Bloomberg announced that Indonesia's global rupiah bonds meet all criteria to become a member of the Global Aggregate Index. This decision shows the degree of rising foreign confidence in Indonesian bonds, hence in the Indonesian rupiah and the Indonesian economy as a whole.

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  • Bond Market Indonesia: Foreign Investors Ditched SBN in February

    In the first two weeks of February 2018 foreign investors aggressively sold rupiah-denominated government bonds (in Indonesian: Surat Berharga Negara, or SBN) in the secondary market. Up to 14 February 2018, foreign investors sold IDR 18.69 trillion (approx. USD $1.4 billion) worth of government bonds in February.

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  • International Bond Market: What Are Indonesia's Komodo Bonds?

    International Bond Market: What Are Indonesia's Komodo Bonds?

    Earlier this week Indonesian state-controlled construction company Wijaya Karya listed its 'komodo bonds' on the London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom, an event that was witnessed by Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. But Wijaya Karya was not the first company to issue komodo bonds. On 13 December 2017 toll road company Jasa Marga sold IDR 4 trillion (approx. USD $298 million) in three-year bonds (priced at 7.5 percent).

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  • Soechi Lines Plans to Acquire Tanker & Issue Global Bonds

    Soechi Lines Plans to Acquire Tanker & Issue Global Bonds

    Indonesia-based shipping company Soechi Lines set aside between USD $30 million and USD $50 million to acquire a tanker in 2018. Paula Marlina, Corporate Secretary at Soechi Lines, said the exact type of tanker depends on incoming customer orders. Traditionally, the shipping company acquires a certain type of tanker when it receives plenty of demand for certain tanker services.

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  • Rupiah-Denominated Global Bonds: Wijaya Karya Prepares Komodo Bonds

    Rupiah-Denominated Global Bonds: Wijaya Karya Preparing "Komodo Bonds"

    Construction company Wijaya Karya (Wika) is conducting a roadshow for its rupiah-denominated global bonds (to be listed on the London Stock Exchange). Wika is following the example of state-controlled toll road operator Jasa Marga that listed its rupiah-denominated global bonds (also known as "komodo bonds") in London on 13 December 2017.

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  • Low Coupon Rate Makes Indonesia's Latest ORI Bonds Unappealing

    Low Coupon Rate Makes Indonesia's Latest ORI Bonds Unappealing

    The offering period of the Indonesian central government's latest series of (conventional) Indonesian Retail Bonds (in Indonesian: Obligasi Ritel Indonesia, or ORI) is almost over (it closes on Thursday, 19 October 2017). Contrary to our earlier report, demand for the ORI014 series seems not as strong as initially expected.

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  • New Indonesian Retail Bonds (ORI014) on Sale in Indonesia

    New Indonesian Retail Bonds (ORI014) on Sale in Indonesia

    Between 29 September and 19 October 2017, the Indonesian government offers its new series of (conventional) Indonesian Retail Bonds (in Indonesian: Obligasi Ritel Indonesia, or ORI) to Indonesian retail investors. Since 2006 the Indonesian government has been issuing ORI bonds, at least once per year, to finance the government's state budget.

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  • Bonds Indonesia: Wijaya Karya & Jasa Marga Eye Nasi Goreng Bonds

    Two state-controlled companies are planning to issue global rupiah-denominated bonds (often called nasi goreng bonds). Construction company Wijaya Karya, which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, plans to issue up to USD $500 million of nasi goreng bonds in the second half of 2017. Besides the nasi goreng bonds, the company also plans to sell up to IDR 5 trillion of rupiah-denominated bonds on the domestic market.

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  • Jasa Marga Posts Good Earnings, Plans Global Rupiah Bonds

    Jasa Marga Posts Good Earnings, Plans Global Rupiah Bonds

    Indonesian state-controlled toll road operator - yet listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange - Jasa Marga considers to issue rupiah-denominated global bonds as an alternative source to seek funds for investment in toll road infrastructure development. Donny Arsal, Finance Director of Jasa Marga, said the company needs IDR 7 trillion (approx. USD $526 million) for investment in 2017. These funds should be collected through bonds, asset securitization, and bank loans.

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