The main services and products of Indonesia Investments are the following:

• Monthly Update

This report, which is released around the 6th of each month, informs the reader about the key economic, political and social developments of Indonesia. It also regularly zooms in on certain sectors of the Indonesian economy. The report also contains monthly updates on the rupiah exchange rate, Bank Indonesia's monetary policy, manufacturing activity, inflation, and trade. The articles are in-depth and therefore the reading will know why certain developments are happening (as we discuss the roots of the issues). Indonesia Investments also provides future forecasts of Indonesia's key macroeconomic indicators in this report.

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• Establishment of PT PMAs and Representative Offices

In most cases foreign investors need a foreign-owned limited liability company (PT PMA) or representative office in Indonesia to engage in business or marketing in Indonesia. Because it is often too complicated for the foreigner to arrange these matters by himself (due to excessive bureaucracy as well as the language barrier) we can help out by arranging all permits and licenses.

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• Finding Indonesian Business Partners

Those foreign investors who are in search of an Indonesian business partner (for example to form a joint venture) but lack the network and experience in Indonesia to find a suitable (and reliable!) partner, can hire Indonesia Investments to find their Indonesian counterpart. We will find quality candidates and will then set up meetings in which the foreign investors are introduced to their potential future business partners.

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• Market Research and Research Reports

Indonesia Investments can deliver tailor-made market research or research reports for those who require in-depth knowledge about the state of - and conditions in - a specific business sector of Indonesia. The report usually includes the industry/market environment (including trends and marketing channels), customer/competitor profiles, relevant business regulations, and more.

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