This section helps those that seek to work and live in Indonesia by providing information about arrangements for work- and resident permits, and accommodations for living and working in Jakarta. In order to provide the highest quality of information, multiple specialized companies and agencies have made a valuable contribution to this section (for example Indonesian business consultancies and Indonesian real estate agents).

This section also presents ample information regarding tips about behavioural customs in Indonesia. We feel that it is of especial importance to understand how to socialize with Indonesians and to learn how to interpret Indonesian communication as it differs markedly from Western or other Asian customs. In fact, living in a new country implies adjusting or adapting to new social and moral values. Such an open and positive attitude will definitely benefit your stay in Indonesia, especially in the long term. Lastly, this section presents some advice with regard to entertainment and recreational activities in Jakarta.

Visa & Immigration Policy

Similar to the establishment of a legal business entity, the arrangement of the necessary work and resident permits for Indonesia is a process which requires some careful attention. In this section a detailed account is presented concerning the application process of such permits. There are multiple Indonesian agencies that are able to arrange such matters for you (often in combination with the establishment of a legal entity in Jakarta).

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Living & Working Accommodations

This section contains detailed information regarding the buying or renting of living and working accommodations in Jakarta. Besides the quality of the accommodations special emphasis is placed on the location of such accommodations. This is an important aspect considering that Jakarta's busy and chaotic traffic can make traveling a time-consuming affair. Getting involved in unnecessary traffic jams should be avoided.  

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Entertainment in Jakarta

Jakarta, the political and economic center of Indonesia, is one of the biggest megacities in the world. Although in some ways this city can be the source for irritation and stress (for instance its famous traffic jams) it also harbours many nice places to go for sightseeing, food or drinks and other sorts of amusement. In this section Indonesia Investments lists a number of places in Jakarta which are worth paying a visit.

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How to Act Indonesian?

Indonesia can - in many ways - be regarded as a different world compared to our Western world perspectives. The country contains specific cultural dynamics that can be difficult to understand or interpret for an outsider. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take effort to indulge yourself in this new culture which contains different customs, habits, norms and values than in Western countries.

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Indonesian Business Culture

Indonesia's diversity of peoples and belief systems results in a fascinating conglomerate culture in one of the largest and most important countries in the world. Culture affects people and, therefore, business must be approached differently in Indonesia than in most Western countries. Cultural background, education, and upbringing make a difference on how managers approach work.

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