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Returns on various investment instruments:

Year  Jakarta Composite Index
     year-on-year growth
 State Bonds
   yoy growth
 yoy growth
 yoy growth
2016               +15.32%    +3.02%
2015               -12.39%      -6.38%   -10.70%    +3.35%
2014               +22.29%      +7.97%    -1.51%    +8.36%
2013                -0.98%      +8.60%   -28.26%    +8.38%
2012               +12.94%      +5.39%    -3.60%    +4.30%
2011                +3.20%      +5.89%   +22.30%    +3.79%
2010               +46.13%      +7.83%   +29.70%    +6.96%
2009               +86.98%     +10.05%   +24.00%    +2.78%
2008               -50.64%     +12.16%    +5.50%   +11.06%
2007               +52.08%     +10.08%   +31.30%    +5.79%

Buy Indonesian Stocks and Bonds

Foreign investments in Indonesia's stocks and bonds markets mainly comprise of purchases by large pension funds or large collective investment schemes. Usually, Indonesian assets form a minor part in their investment portfolios and - moreover - they tend to focus on a small amount of Indonesian blue chips, thus ignoring a pool of interesting Indonesian mid-cap and other large-cap stocks. This section discusses how the individual and smaller investor can participate in Indonesia's stock and bond markets.

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Portfolio Selected Companies of Indonesia Investments

In the months ahead, Indonesia Investments intends to create fund portfolios in consultation with experts who have profound knowledge of - and are involved in - the daily affairs of the Indonesian economy as well as the Indonesian financial markets. These three fund portfolios concern a model portfolio, an aggressive portfolio and a defensive portfolio (content and philosophy of each fund will be elaborated in a later stage). Stock quotes of companies in these portfolios will be followed on a daily basis and mutations in company composition of each fund portfolio will be reported on in this section and through our free Newsletter. Barring exceptions, companies included in our portfolios are discussed in our business section (Company Files). For the moment - and as a small illustration of how these portfolios will operate in the near future - we have started a portfolio of selected companies involving eight Indonesian companies. In a later stadium interactive charts will be added to this section.

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