Being mainly a raw commodity-exporting country, the government is currently focussed on stimulating the establishment of downstream processing industries to deliver value-added products. This strategy will have significant impact on certain (export) industries such as mining and minerals. Policy changes that influence the investment climate in these industries are discussed in our Business Columns and News Columns.

  Indonesian Production or Reserves (R) Global Production or Reserves (R) Indonesia's Share of Total
Coal 241.1 mln tons oil equiv. 3,830.1 mln tons oil equiv. 6.3%
Coalbed Methane 453 trillion cubic feet (R) 7,550 trillion cubic feet (R) 6.0%
Cocoa 0.48 million tonnes 3.96 million tonnes 12.2%
Coffee 12.0 million 60 kg bags 168.2 million 60 kg bags 7.0%
Crude Oil 605,000 bpd 82,922,000 bpd 0.7%
Geothermal Energy 27,510 MW (R) 68,775 MW (R) 40.0%
Gold 109.9 tons 3,109.0 tons 3.5%
Natural Gas 75.0 billion m³ 3538.6 billion m³ 2.1%
Palm Oil 31.0 million tons 60.0 million tons 51.7%
Rice 70.6 million tons 744.0 million tons 9.5%
Rubber (Natural) 3.2 million tons* 12 million tons* 26.7%
Tea 0.13 million tons 5.03 million tons 2.6%
* Number only includes members of the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Cambodia).