Philo Dellano

Mall Epicentrum Walk, 5th Floor
Office Suite #A529
Jl HR Rasuna Said
Kuningan, South Jakarta

PT. RPNB Semesta Indonesia (RPNB) is a Jakarta-based company engaged in the provision of business consulting services - primarily to foreign companies - and functions as an intermediary by linking foreign buyers to local (Indonesian) suppliers in various sectors including mining and property.

RPNB has a diverse team composition, consisting of Indonesian and Western team members, which we consider the right mix to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, thus enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and security of international business/trade relations.

RPNB provides the following services in the mining and property sectors:

1. Offer products/services and other business activities of local Indonesian companies (suppliers) to foreign investors (buyers);
2. Assist foreign buyers to expand their business activities in Indonesia and to obtain the best products/services available in Indonesia;
3. Assist in the realization of the conduct of sale and purchase between local (Indonesian) suppliers and foreign buyers.


Especially in Indonesia, it is always important to carefully check whether a local company has a good track record as many examples of (corporate) scams, unprofessional services, or other improper actions/behavior can be found (such as business agencies that still bribe officials, agencies that have been hijacked from the original investor, etc.). For more information, you can contact