Apart from the usual cryptocurrency players, this international event will bring together players in digital business, IT Startups, Internet application Developers, digital Marketers and companies with a FINTECH base to create new networks and expand already existing ones.

Forty speakers from different parts of the world - USA, Germany, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, China and other countries - will inform the participants about their international experience in blockchain technologies. Among the prominent speakers who have confirmed their presence are Gebhard Scherrer (co-founder of DATUM), Ville Oehman (investment funds registered with the monetary authority of Singapore), Matthew J. Martin (Director General blossom of Finance), Robert Ryu (the Korean company crypto-Fund) and Dr Zaharuddin A. R (Malaysia Shariah ICO), Matthew Joseph Martin (CEO of Blossom Finance).

In three years, eight million representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia will use digital technologies, although at the moment it is used only by 9 percent.

In a couple of years it is planned to create 1,000 young  IT-companies, with a total value of more than USD $10 billion. To achieve this rate, around 200 new startups must be launched every year. By the way, the value of one of the first Indonesian startups, Go-Jek, is now estimated at USD $1.3 billion.

We will pay special attention to startups at the Blockchain INDO conference, hence don’t miss presentations of ICO-projects. "As a rule, founders present interesting ideas based on blockchain technology from the field of FINTECH or IT. There are a lot of promising projects! And thanks to such events, the teams have an opportunity to find investors and get support. Investment and venture funds will be able to notice them, this is the perfect opportunity", said Nikolay Volosenkov, organizer of the conference Blockchain INDO.

In addition, soon the Internet in Indonesia will be installed in 187 remote settlements across the country. According to some forecasts, Indonesia will have about 100,000 bitcoin users in the next six months.

According to Abas A Jalil CEO of Amanah Capital Group Limited, a financial expert in the Southeast Asian market who will present his report at the conference, said “Southeast Asian markets, and mainly the Indonesian market, have huge potential for Blockchain and fintech sectors, especially in Islamic Finance and Digital Business. This conference will be an opening venue for further progress in these new technologies in South East Asia, especially for Indonesia itself”.

This conference-exhibition is expected to be one of the biggest Blockchain and Fintech conferences in Indonesia this year.  

Tickets to the conference can be purchased at the conference website www.cryptoeventindo.com or via ADEI's payment system which will provide convenience for Indonesian participants to pay in the rupiah currency.