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  • Can the Ongoing International Banking Crisis Impact on the Financial Stability of Indonesia?

    There currently are some major concerns over an international banking crisis after three American banks collapsed in March 2023 (Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank; all catering largely to the tech sector), while it necessitated an acquisition by rival UBS to prevent Switzerland-based global investment bank Credit Suisse from collapsing. This brings back the haunting memories of the 2008 financial crisis.

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  • Latest Indonesia Investments Report Out - Introduction October 2021

    When writing this introduction, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known as COP26) had just started in Glasgow (Scotland). Indonesian President Joko Widodo is among the delegates who is slated to speech about the importance of preventing – and adapting to – climate change, and to seek ways to obtain climate financing as Indonesia is unable to finance the huge and costly energy transition by itself.

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  • Blockchain INDO Conference: May 11-12 in Jakarta's Hotel Kempinski

    Jakarta was one of the world's top 10 crypto-capitals in 2017 according to IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain). This means that the city has created conditions for trading, crypto-exchanges, mining and ICO. This ranking was compiled by artificial intelligence based on research of cryptocurrency events worldwide. The Indonesian government, however, remains skeptical of digital money and therefore may only agree to accept its own cryptocurrency in the future. However, the business community shows growing interest in new opportunities offered by the digital economy.

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  • Blockchain INDO Conference: How Blockchain Will Change Indonesia's Digital Economy

    The volume of Indonesia’s digital economy will reach about USD $130 billion by 2020, which will make the country among Southeast Asia's leading nations in terms of digital development. This was stated by local authorities just a week ago. New technologies, blockchain and transformation of the IT-sector will play key roles in this process. With this context in mind, the Blockchain INDO conference in Jakarta, to be held on 11-12 May 2018 in the Kempinski Hotel in Central Jakarta, becomes even more relevant.

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  • Bank Indonesia Studies the Use of Central Bank Digital Currency

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) said it needs about two years to complete a study about the possibility of issuing a digital rupiah currency (Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC). Agus Martowardoyo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, said the lender of last resort has just started to study the possibility of using a digital rupiah for domestic payments.

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