During today's trading day, the IHSG touched its highest level (4492.53) at the start of session one, and its lowest level (4458.69) in the middle of session two. In the end, the stock exchange ended on 4479.44, a 0.25 percent decline. Foreigners were mostly buyers, while domestic market participants were mostly sellers.

The IDR rupiah lost some ground as its movement was influenced by increased political risks in Spain and Italy. A survey in Italy indicated weakening support for reform measures regarding financial cuts, while a political scandal is troubling Spain. Market participants were also a bit disappointed because of Indonesia's full year 2012 GDP result of 6.23%.

Asian stock markets turned negative after previously experiencing a rally and are subsequently regarded as being overbought. General profit taking was the result. The IHSG might continue its decline on Wednesday, but it is hoped that it won't fall below 4450 points. It is hoped that manufacture data from Europe and the USA will positively affect Indonesia's main indicator tomorrow.

When writing this article, European stock indices were positive due to corporate reports of British Petroleum Plc. and Munich Re. that were above expectations. Out of 140 European companies that since 8 January published their 2012 performance, the majority showed higher-than-expected results. Furthermore, in the USA, results of the ISM Non Manufacturing index (an index based on surveys of more than 400 non-manufacturing firms' purchasing and supply executives, within 60 sectors across the nation) are expected. If positive, it can give a boost to the Dow Jones.