This villa has a link to Indonesia. The current owners - a married couple - who are selling this breathtaking piece of real estate are of Indonesian descent and have their family on the island of Bali. However, as they are planning to move to the United States, this 5.9-hectares plot of land (approximately 59,700 square meters/m2) has become available on the market.

The estate is located in the hills, approximately a 1.5 hours drive from the city. The climate is ideal throughout the year. You can expect an average temperature of around 21 °C, hence you have a chance to get away from the heat of the city or beach.

The location and size of land also make this real estate an ideal investment object for the development of a resort or hotel. There is also enough space to land a helicopter.

The land actually consists of five separate parcels. As the cadastral parcels are split, they can be purchased separately. The garden contains about 100 (tropical) fruit bearing trees. In the morning and evening you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

The villa and land are located next to a cliff, implying there are no security concerns stemming from that side of the property. For the other sides, the current owner invested heavily in various security measures to guard the real estate against trespassers, including electric fence wire and a sophisticated detection system.

A couple, who live in a separate house on the estate, are the caretakers of the garden and perform maintenance work as well as cleaning in - and around - the villa. They are willing to continue their duties after a new owner arrives.

The asking price for the villa and total land area is currently set at USD $1.649.000, equivalent to USD $28 per m2.

For more information about the offer you can contact Indonesia Investments. Through our local contact person in Panama, a sightseeing in - and around - the villa can be organized.