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  • Monetary Policy: Bank Indonesia Offers More Accommodative Policies

    At its latest monetary policy meeting, completed on 18 February 2021, Indonesia’s central bank (Bank Indonesia) decided to cut its benchmark interest rate (the seven-day reverse repurchase rate) by 25 basis points (bps) to 3.50 percent, a historically low level for Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Also the deposit facility and lending facility rates were cut by 25 bps to 2.75 percent and 4.25 percent, respectively.

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  • Property in Indonesia: Government Revises Luxury Goods Tax

    The Indonesian government has revised its luxury goods tax policy (in Indonesia known as PPnBM) for (luxury) property. Previously, apartments with a selling price of at least IDR 10 billion (approx. USD $700,000) and houses with a selling price of at least IDR 20 billion (approx. USD $1.4 million) were subject to a 20 percent luxury goods tax. The latest revision has now raised the minimum price of the property to IDR 30 billion (approx. USD $2.1 million) for all types of property.

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  • IPO Urban Jakarta Propertindo on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Urban Jakarta Propertindo, a Jakarta-based property developer that focuses on the integration between property development and the availability of public transportation, will offer 600 million shares - equivalent to 16.85 percent of the company's total shares - to the public through an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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  • A Closer Look at Bank Indonesia's Latest LTV Ratio Relaxation

    At the latest policy meeting (29/06) Bank Indonesia decided to relax the loan-to-value (LTV) and financing-to-value (FTV) ratios in the country's property sector (effective per 1 August 2018). By lowering down payment obligations for the consumer, the central bank aims to make it more attractive for consumers to purchase property using House Ownership Credit (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah, KPR), hence boosting overall credit growth as well as Indonesia's macroeconomic growth.

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  • Dynamic Credit Set to Enter Indonesia's Mortgage Market

    Dynamic Credit, a Netherlands-based innovative asset management and direct lending firm, is set to become a new player in Indonesia's mortgage industry. Through local subsidiary Dynamic Credit Asia it will sell mortgages to Indonesian consumers using funds from local institutional investors. Tonko Gast, CEO at Dynamic Credit, said Indonesia's rapidly growing middle class leads to a rising pool of retirement and insurance funds. However, the availability of fixed-income investments are limited in Southeast Asia's largest economy.

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Artikel Terbaru Property

  • Residential Property Market of Indonesia; Government Relaxes Requirements for Foreign Buyers

    Residential Property Market of Indonesia; Government Relaxes Requirements for Foreign Buyers

    Over the past two months or so, there has been some more-than-usual reporting in Indonesian media on whether the property market of Indonesia can become a future market for foreigner buyers. It specifically involves residential property in popular places like Bali, Batam, and Jakarta. Moreover, when foreigners can buy property, it may also attract more foreign investment in Indonesia’s property sector.

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  • Corruption & Property: Where Did it Go Wrong for the Meikarta Project?

    Those consumers and investors who purchased one or more apartment units in the Meikarta megacity project in Bekasi (West Java) are currently facing uncertain times. A new corruption scandal has put the future of the Meikarta project in jeopardy and therefore those who have already bought a Meikarta apartment fear that their money and apartment unit is lost. Those who are still making monthly mortgage payments to the bank, are confused whether they need to continue these payments (hence risking losing more money) or stop the monthly payment.

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  • Township Development in Indonesia: Topping Out First Meikarta Towers

    One of Indonesia's biggest diversified conglomerates, the Lippo Group, topped off two apartment towers for its ambitious and controversial Meikarta megaproject on Sunday (29/10). The topping off ceremony is a sign that - despite some legal uncertainties - the project will continue as planned and not face the same fate as the land reclamation project in the bay off the coast of North Jakarta.

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  • Investing in Property: Luxurious Villa for Sale in Panama

    Those who have business interests in Panama and seek their dream house in the beautiful hills of this Central American country, or those who search an interesting investment object in Panama's property sector, now have a great opportunity at their disposal. One of the most beautiful luxury villas in Panama is now for sale. Insiders in Panama's property market call this "a unique object".

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  • Indonesian Property Companies in Focus: Ciputra Development

    Ciputra Development, one of Indonesia's leading property companies with 75 projects spread across 33 cities, is increasingly focused on diversifying its portfolio outside the island of Java. The company has expanded to Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi as it wants to "bet on more than one horse" to improve its corporate earnings.

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  • Fierce Battle for Market Share in Indonesia's Cement Sector

    For Indonesian cement producers it is vital to maintain their market share amid ongoing difficult times. With Indonesia's total installed annual cement production capacity now being around 100 million tons, while domestic demand is only expected to reach 65 million in 2017, cement players are facing weak prices amid a big oversupply, while foreign demand for Indonesian cement is yet to grow. Meanwhile, due to the arrival of various new cement players in Indonesia in recent years, competition for market share has become increasingly fierce.

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  • Property in Indonesia: East Jakarta & Surabaya New Growth Centers?

    So far East Jakarta has been left behind in terms of property development in the capital city of Indonesia. For many decades Central and South Jakarta have seen the construction of many residential property and office tower projects. Recently, West Jakarta experienced a major surge in property development. Few investors, however, dared to develop projects in East Jakarta as demand from the (upper) middle class and elite for property or offices in East Jakarta has been low.

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