Jahja Setiaatmadja, President Director at Bank Central Asia (BCA), said the company is pleased with its financial performance over 2015 given Indonesia's challenging economic conditions and the impact of this context on the nation's banking sector. For example, BCA's total outstanding loan growth rose 11.9 percent (y/y) to IDR 387.6 trillion (approx. USD $29.4 billion) but the bank's (gross) non-performing loans (NPL) remained low at 0.7 percent. Meanwhile, third-party funds grew 5.8 percent (y/y) to IDR 473.7 trillion (approx. USD $35.9 billion).

Setiaatmadja said BCA will continue its prudent financial policies and remain alert for any unexpected economic troubles as the global outlook remains fragile with the presence of persistent concerns about economic growth in China, Japan, and the Eurozone, while the US economic recovery is also plagued by a high degree of uncertainty. Domestically, an increase in the country's overall NPLs could have a chain effect on BCA's loan quality.

BCA is considering to acquire two small banks later this year (possibly in the second half of the year) provided Indonesia's economic conditions are solid enough. Last year BCA delayed these acquisition plans due to macroeconomic turmoil.

Shares of BCA were up 1.11 percent to IDR 13,675 by 09:45 am local Jakarta time on Friday (04/03). So far this year, the bank's shares have risen 1.69 percent.

Stock Quote Bank Central Asia - BBCA:

In terms of net interest income and net profit BCA was Indonesia's third-largest bank in 2015 (after state-controlled banks Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Mandiri).

Net Profit & Net Interest Income Indonesian Banks:

(in IDR trillion)                      2014                      2015
Net Profit
Net Interest
Net Profit
Net Interest
Bank Rakyat Indonesia     24.2       50.1     25.2       56.5
Bank Mandiri     19.9       39.1     20.3       45.4
Bank Central Asia     16.5       32.0     18.0       35.9
Bank Negara Indonesia     10.8       22.8      9.1       25.6
Bank Danamon      2.6       13.7      2.4       13.6
CIMB Niaga      2.3       10.7      0.4       11.4
Bank Panin      2.0        6.2      1.3        7.2
Maybank Indonesia      0.7        5.9      1.1        6.5
Bank Permata      1.6        5.7      0.2        6.5
Bank Tabungan Negara      1.2        5.5      1.9        6.7

Source: Kontan