Just like the United States, the EU imposed anti-dumping duties on Indonesian biodiesel as local producers in Indonesia enjoy very low production costs, partly supported by government subsidy, that enables them to sell their products below fair value on other markets. Indonesia, however, does not agree and calls such measures protectionism and discrimination.

As a result of the anti-dumping duties, Indonesian biodiesel shipments had fallen drastically over the past couple of years. Shipments from Indonesia to the EU contracted from USD $649 million in 2013 to USD $150 million in 2016 (and touching a low of USD $68 million in 2015).

However, with the elimination of the EU anti-dumping duties per 16 March 2018, Indonesian biodiesel businesses can now again export biodiesel to the EU.

Paulus Tjakrawan, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (Aprobi), welcomed the ruling and stated that he expects to see rising biodiesel exports to the EU soon.

With the success in the EU, Indonesia may now feel more confident to challenge the anti-subsidy duties in the United States at the US court and the WTO. However, considering US President Donald Trump's tough stance on trade issues, this should become a tougher battle.

Indonesia's Biodiesel Data - Production, Export & Domestic Consumption:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Production  243 1,812 2,221 2,805 3,961 1,653 3,656 3,131
Export   20 1,453 1,552 1,757 1,629  329  477  179
Domestic  223  359  669 1,048 1,845  915 3,008 2,353

in 1,000 kiloliters
Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources