What do we discuss in this November 2021 report? First of all, a range of political topics. As Indonesia chairs the G20 for the next 12 months, the country can influence this supranational organization's policy direction a bit, while also putting itself in the global spotlights. Furthermore, Indonesian President Joko Widodo was present at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (Scotland). He came back with billions in investment commitments from UK companies that will help Indonesia in the energy transformation to cleaner resources. Moreover, what about the future of coal now Indonesia seems to support the move away from fossil fuels?

We also zoom in on the Constitutional Court's shock ruling that declared the Omnibus job Creation Law unconstitutional. How will this ruling impact on the investment climate, and does this ruling actually make sense?

Another interesting topic - related to Indonesia's energy transition - is nuclear power. Is this a realistic option for Indonesia since the country seems to struggle achieving its renewable energy targets? Or is it unlikely that Indonesia will be forerunner in terms of nuclear power development in the Southeast Asian region?

We also zoom in on Indonesia's minimum wage policies (assessing their effectiveness) and the discourse surrounding the 2022 minimum wages in Indonesia (that are based on a new formula that stems from a regulation that is derived from the Omnibus Job Creation Law).

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