Bank Indonesia stated that these official reserve assets are adequate to support the external sector resilience as well as the sustainability of Indonesia's economic expansion.

In December 2013, Indonesia recorded a trade surplus of USD $1.52 billion - the third consecutive monthly trade surplus - particularly supported by increased mineral exports ahead of the implementation of a ban on unprocessed mineral exports. Although still fragile, the recent monthly trade surpluses are welcome as the country has had to cope with a wide current account deficit, thus hollowing the country's reserve assets while placing downward pressure on the rupiah exchange rate.

Indonesia's Foreign Exchange Reserves 2008-2014:

     2008    2009
   2010    2011    2012    2013    2014²
Foreign Exchange
   51.6    66.1    96.2   110.1   112.8     99.4    100.7

¹ in billion US dollar
² at end January 2014
Source: Bank Indonesia

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