Indonesian consumers are currently highly confident about the state of their economy due to robust annual economic growth of over six percent in recent years, and due to an increase in minimum wages.

The United States and particularly Japan (where the central bank is planning an aggressive stimulus package) saw significant increases in consumer confidence, while South European countries contain the world's least confident consumers as local unemployment rises and economies are weak.

Generally, global consumer confidence rose in Q1-2013. Consumer confidence improved in 60 percent of markets globally, compared to only 33 percent in Q4-2012.

The Consumer Confidence Index of Nielsen (an USA-based market research company) gauges consumers' economic outlook and confidence in the job market, the status of their personal finances, and readiness to spend.

Countries with highest consumer confidence:

Country  Index Q1-2013
1. Indonesia       122 (+5)
2. India       120 (-1)
3. Philippines       118 (-1)
4. Thailand       116 (+1)
5. Brazil       111 (0)

Source: Nielsen Company