Meanwhile, Urban Jakarta Propertindo's Director of Corporate Development Tri Rachman Batara said the company will also issue a total of 400 million new shares - or 11.23 percent of its total shares - through a convertible loan agreement. As such, Urban Jakarta Propertindo will offer a total of 1 billion shares to the public (28.08 percent of the company's paid-up capital).

Appointed as underwriters for Urban Jakarta Propertindo's IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange are RHB Sekuritas and Sinarmas Sekuritas. The offering price is set in the range of IDR 1,000 - IDR 1,250 per share, meaning the company plans to collect between IDR 1 trillion (approx. USD $66.7 million) and IDR 1.25 trillion (approx. USD $83.3 million) from the corporate action.

The book building process - when the underwriters attempt to determine the exact price to place the offering - is scheduled for 9-19 November 2018.

Rachman Batara said 50 percent of the IPO proceeds are to be used to purchase land in the Greater Jakarta area. Thirty percent will go to the company's capital expenditure budget, while the remaining 20 percent is set to be used as working capital.

Currently, Urban Jakarta Propertindo is developing four transit-oriented development (TOD) projects on the light rail transit (LRT) track in the Greater Jakarta area. In urban planning, a TOD is a type of urban development that maximizes the amount of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport.

In the first half of 2018 Urban Jakarta Propertindo recorded a 44 percent (y/y) increase in revenue to IDR 52.4 billion (approx. USD $3.5 million) on the back of apartment sales in the Lot 1 Gateway Park project. Meanwhile, the company's profit margin rose from 28.36 percent to 33.72 percent over the same time.

So far it has been a great year for the Indonesia Stock Exchange in terms of number of IPOs. Up to 10 November 2018, a total of 50 companies have made their trade debuts on the local bourse.

Last Update: 29 Mar 2021
IPOs on the Indonesia Stock Exchange up to 10 November 2018
CompanyP: 29 Mar 2021P: 28 Mar 2021Gain/LossP/E ttmYield %Gain/Loss YTD
LCK Global KedatonLCKM2542501.60%N/A0.00%-34.20%
Borneo Olah Sarana SuksesBOSS111113-1.77%N/A0.00%-35.09%
Jaya TrishindoHELI464496-6.45%N/A0.00%125.24%
Sky Energy IndonesiaJSKY1311300.77%N/A0.00%-31.05%
Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk.INPS2,0002,0000.00%N/A0.00%-59.60%
Gihon Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk.GHON2,1002,200-4.55%N/A0.00%23.53%
Tridomain Performance Materials Tbk.TDPM1191190.00%N/A0.00%-13.14%
Dafam Property Indonesia Tbk.DFAM170180-5.56%N/A0.00%-1.73%
Charnic Capital Tbk.NICK2782780.00%N/A0.00%-10.90%
Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Syariah Tbk.BTPS3,6203,680-1.63%N/A0.00%0.56%
Bank BRIsyariah Tbk.BRIS2,4502,540-3.54%N/A0.00%-23.20%
Surya Pertiwi Tbk.SPTO4824761.26%N/A0.00%-13.15%
Royal Prima Tbk.PRIM1801800.00%N/A0.00%-19.64%
Medikaloka Hermina Tbk.HEAL4,5604,600-0.87%N/A0.00%21.60%
Sarimelati Kencana Tbk.PZZA7957851.27%N/A0.00%5.30%
Guna Timur Raya Tbk.TRUK2181999.55%N/A0.00%-8.40%
Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk.TUGU1,5801,585-0.32%N/A0.00%-10.23%
Steadfast Marine Tbk.KPAL52504.00%N/A0.00%4.00%
Sriwahana Adityakarta Tbk.SWAT100101-0.99%N/A0.00%-2.91%
MNC Studios International Tbk.MSIN158159-0.63%N/A0.00%-10.73%
Trimuda Nuansa Citra Tbk.TNCA3703680.54%N/A0.00%28.47%
Map Aktif Adiperkasa Tbk.MAPA2,2802,2501.33%N/A0.00%-6.17%
Transcoal Pacific Tbk.TCPI8,1508,550-4.68%N/A0.00%-4.12%
Batavia Prosperindo Trans Tbk.BPTR90873.45%N/A0.00%13.92%
Jaya Sukses Makmur Sentosa Tbk.RISE4304280.47%N/A0.00%3.86%
Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk.IPCC615620-0.81%N/A0.00%13.89%
Pollux Properti Indonesia Tbk.POLL4,0004,300-6.98%N/A0.00%-6.54%
Sinergi Megah Internusa Tbk.NUSA50500.00%N/A0.00%0.00%
Mahkota Group Tbk.MGRO760765-0.65%N/A0.00%-5.59%
NFC Indonesia Tbk.NFCX2,0502,200-6.82%N/A0.00%-10.48%
MD Pictures Tbk.FILM3603561.12%N/A0.00%0.00%
Andira Agro Tbk.ANDI5051-1.96%N/A0.00%-7.41%
Trimitra Propertindo Tbk.LAND149150-0.67%N/A0.00%-6.88%
Madusari Murni Indah Tbk.MOLI1,1251,1200.45%N/A0.00%13.07%
Arkadia Digital Media Tbk.DIGI380384-1.04%N/A0.00%-1.55%
Pratama Abadi Nusa Industri Tbk.PANI114122-6.56%N/A0.00%-3.39%
Natura City Developments Tbk.CITY1791724.07%N/A0.00%-27.82%
Satria Antaran Prima Tbk.SAPX840860-2.33%N/A0.00%-61.82%
Super Energy Tbk.SURE2,0202,0200.00%N/A0.00%-8.18%
Cottonindo Ariesta Tbk.KPAS74731.37%N/A0.00%21.31%
Propertindo Mulia Investama Tbk.MPRO890955-6.81%N/A0.00%-48.85%
HK Metals Utama Tbk.HKMU83830.00%N/A0.00%-22.43%
Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk.GOOD1,7001,6950.29%N/A0.00%39.34%
Jaya Bersama Indo Tbk.DUCK2562540.79%N/A0.00%-14.09%
Superkrane Mitra Utama Tbk.SKRN8007654.58%N/A0.00%7.38%
Yelooo Integra Datanet Tbk.YELO98103-4.85%N/A0.00%96.00%
Cahayaputra Asa Keramik Tbk.CAKK6970-1.43%N/A0.00%11.29%
Kota Satu Properti Tbk.SATU60567.14%N/A0.00%20.00%
Shield On Service Tbk.SOSS4003961.01%N/A0.00%19.05%
Dewata Freightinternational Tbk.DEAL1101081.85%N/A0.00%-19.12%
Combined Total48,37449,532-2.34%-10.13%

Green colour indicates upward movement Red colour indicates downward movement P = price; E = earnings; D = dividend; Yield = D/P "N/A" indicates P/E < 0 (negative earnings) "-" indicates E,D,P or YTD is not available