According to a preliminary projection of the General Election Commission, about 75 percent of the Indonesian electorate came to the polls for today's legislative election.

For a further analysis of the quick count, read the column: Analysis of Quick Count Results of the Indonesian Legislative Election 2014

Quick Count (97.5% of total data)

  Preliminary Score
Golkar          14.65%
Gerindra          12.26%
PD           9.88%
PKB           8.89%
PAN           7.34%
PKS           6.93%
NasDem           6.91%
PPP           6.41%
Hanura           5.36%
PBB           1.54%
PKPI           0.94%

Indikator Politik Indonesia & Metro TV


Reportedly, a member of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) was arrested when trying to disrupt voting in Puncak Wijaya.

Two men were arrested in North Sumatra when trying to bribe locals to vote for a specific candidate.

Due to damaged ballot papers, the election will be postponed by one day in the following districts: Yahukimo (Papua), Sikka (East Nusa Tenggara), Tual (Maluku) and Musi Rawas (South Sulawesi). The ballot papers were damaged by rainfall. New ones have been sent.

The election in Cibanteng (Bogor) was delayed after indications of fraud emerged (ballot papers had been filled in before the election had commenced).

Update Indonesia's Legislative Election of 2014; Quick Count in Progress