The higher ranking of Indonesia was particularly caused by easier access to credit and electricity. However, compared to its regional peers, Indonesia still lacks behind:

Doing Business 2014 Ranking:

     1.   Singapore
  Hong Kong
  New Zealand
     4.   USA
     5.   Denmark
     6.   Malaysia
     7.   South Korea
    18.   Thailand
    96.   China
    99.   Vietnam
   108.   Philippines
   116.   Brazil
   120.   Indonesia

Source: World Bank 'Doing Business 2014'

Indonesia's slightly higher ranking is confirmed by the pace of recent investments in the country. In the third quarter of 2013, total realized investments amounted to IDR 100.5 trillion (USD $8.89 billion), a new record in the history of Indonesia.

Ease of Doing Business in Indonesia:

Please note that - when you click on the links below that lead you to the World Bank website - the 2013 ranking mentioned on the World Bank website is not last year's published ranking but a comparable ranking for the Doing Business 2013 Report that captures the effects of such factors as data corrections and the addition of four economies (Libya, Myanmar, San Marino and South Sudan) to this year's sample.

  2014 Rank   2013 Rank
 Starting a Business        175        171
 Dealing with Construction Permits
        88         77
 Getting Electricity
       121        121
 Registering Property        101         97
 Getting Credit         86         82
 Protecting Investors         52         51
 Paying Taxes        137        132
 Trading Across Borders         54         52
 Enforcing Contracts        147        146
 Resolving Insolvency        144        142

Source: World Bank 'Doing Business 2014'

Although the improvement is promising, there should be no time for complacency as the investment climate in Indonesia is still troubled by a number of issues including corruption, weak infrastructure, weak legal certainty, bureaucracy, and weak human resources.