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  • Renewable Energy Sources in Indonesia; What Can We Learn from Solar Power Development?

    Renewable Energy Sources in Indonesia; What Can We Learn from Solar Power Development?

    At the start of the New Year we are taking a look at renewable energy development in Indonesia, specifically the case of solar power. Solar power is energy from the Sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy, either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. The electrical energy can be used to generate electricity, or, it can be stored in batteries or thermal storage.

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  • Economic Outlook Indonesia; An Interview with Richard van der Schaar

    The past year has been hectic. The global COVID-19 pandemic arrived, a worldwide recession followed; US-China turmoil continued, while geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are rising across the world. And all these matters seem interrelated. So, how is Indonesia doing amid these developments? And, how do they exactly impact on Indonesia's economy and society? It is time to sit down with Indonesia Investments' Managing Director Richard van der Schaar to hear his thoughts on these matters.

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  • Revision of Indonesia’s Controversial 2009 Mining Law; Better, Same, or Worse?

    Whenever Indonesia Investments discusses or illustrates the risks that are involved in Indonesia’s investment environment, we usually take the 2009 Mining Law as an example to illustrate the lack of legal certainty in Indonesia. Lack of legal certainty is one the key obstacles in Indonesia’s investment environment, and has therefore been undermining investment realization in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Economic Forum: Promoting Economic and Social Progress

    “Indonesia’s economic potential is unquestioned. The nation of 265 million people has all the ingredients to be a major global player. But converting the potential into business opportunities and success is not a straight path. The Indonesia Economic Forum is the perfect platform to build relationships, gain insights and recalibrate business strategies for building a successful enterprise.”

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  • Balancing Conflicting Interests: Indonesia’s Provincial Minimum Wages for 2020

    Discussing minimum wages is always a sensitive issue. Workers long for rapid growth of their monthly wages as many of them encounter difficulties in making ends meet in their daily lives. In fact, those whose salaries are close to the minimum wage tend to be near-poor and uneducated, particularly in developing nations such as Indonesia, and therefore both their present conditions and their future perspectives are far from bright.

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