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  • Challenges & Potential of Indonesia's Biodiesel & Bioethanol Programs

    Biodiesel, which is a form of diesel fuel that is derived from plants or animals (in the case of Indonesia it mainly uses fatty acid methyl ether, FAME, which is derived from palm oil), has been on the political agenda of Indonesia since the 1990s when the first (in-depth) research was conducted by a number of state agencies.

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  • Ride-Hailing Unicorn Go-Jek to Expand Beyond Indonesian Borders

    Indonesian ride-hailing company Go-Jek, one of the nation's unicorns, confirmed its plans to expand into other countries in the Southeast Asian region. Over the next couple of months the company will invest USD $500 million to start delivering its ride-hailing services in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Earlier, Go-Jek had already expressed its intention to expand beyond the borders of Indonesia. This time, however, it has given more details about its plans.

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  • Consolidation in Southeast Asian Ride-Hailing Industry: Uber-Grab

    The local and thriving ride-hailing market in Southeast Asia is dominated by local startups. Foreign counterparts fail to gain significant market share. The latest proof is Uber Technologies Inc.'s decision to sell its operations and assets in the Southeast Asian region to Singapore-based technology company (but originally founded in Malaysia) Grab. Through this consolidation-move, Uber will obtain a 27.5 percent stake in the combined entity, while Uber's chief executive officer will join the board of Grab.

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  • Pelita Samudera Shipping Preparing IPO on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Pelita Samudera Shipping, a leading company in Indonesia's offshore transshipment market, will list on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in November 2017. The company, which uses its June 2017 corporate earnings report for this corporate move, will offer a 20 percent stake to the public through this initial public offering (IPO).

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  • Infrastructure Projects Indonesia: Soekarno-Hatta Airport Skytrain

    The skytrain, an automated people-mover system (APMS) that serves to transport airline passengers and visitors between the three terminals on Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (located just outside Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta), commenced limited operations on Sunday (17/09). This skytrain will enhance the connectivity between the three terminals at Indonesia's busiest airport.

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  • Cashless Transactions Dominant for Grab & Go-Jek in Indonesia

    Use of digital cash in transactions of ride-hailing and logistics services providers Grab and Go-Jek is becoming increasingly important. The management of Grab stated that cashless transactions (using smartphones tied to mobile payment systems) are now contributing more than half of the total value of transactions of Grab. Since the introduction of GrabPay, the value of cashless transactions recorded double-digit growth every month.

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  • Pilot Program between Indonesia's Express Transindo Utama & Uber

    Express Transindo Utama, Indonesia's second-largest taxi operator, saw its shares surge on Monday morning (19/12) after the company announced a pilot program for ride-sharing and vehicle financing in Jakarta in cooperation with ride-hailing company Uber. The partnership involves the integration of Uber technology with the operations of the Indonesian listed taxi operator. Hence, Express drivers can take orders from the Uber app, in addition to their normal taxi services.

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  • Railways in Indonesia: Jakarta-Surabaya Medium-Speed Train

    Budi Karya Sumadi, Indonesian Minister of Transportation, said the preliminary study into the medium-speed Jakarta-Surabaya railway could be completed before the end of 2016. In a bid to enhance connectivity and curtail logistics costs the government of Indonesia encourages the construction of a medium-speed railway linking Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta (on the western part of Java) to the nation's second-largest city of Surabaya in East Java. The preliminary study was started three weeks ago.

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  • Analysis: Indonesia's Car Sales Rising but May Fall in Second Half 2013

    In recent years, Indonesia's car sales have shown robust growth, culminating in a record high number of 1.12 million sold car units in 2012. This is an important statistic because car sales inform us about the state of the economy. Generally, rising car sales indicate an expanding economy while declining car sales indicate that the economy is slowing down. When we take a look at the table below, there is a link visible between Indonesia's GDP growth and rising car sales, except for 2011 to 2012 when GDP growth declined while car sales rose.

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