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  • Property in Indonesia: Astra & Hongkong Land to Launch New Project

    Astra International, one of Indonesia's largest diversified conglomerates, announced it will develop a luxurious residential apartment complex, called Arumaya, in South Jakarta in cooperation with Hongkong Land, a Hong Kong-based multinational property investment, management and development group. The complex is estimated to require investments worth IDR 1 trillion (approx. USD $75 million).

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  • Corporate Earnings Indonesia 1st Semester: Astra International

    Astra International, one of the largest publicly-listed companies in Indonesia, saw its net profit rise 31 percent year-on-year (y/y) to IDR 9.36 trillion (approx. USD $704 million) in the first half of 2017. These earnings were supported by improving earnings from most of the diversified conglomerate's business segments. But as the company generates nearly half of its earnings from the automotive sector, the 9.4 percent (y/y) increase in the company's car sales was particularly key to boost growth.

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  • Astra International Wins 'Best Company in Indonesia' Award

    According to Finance Asia magazine, Astra International, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Indonesia, is the best company in Indonesia, thus obtaining the "Platinum Award" from the magazine that focuses on finance, investment banking, economic and capital markets news. Astra International won the award due to its corporate performance and management (including investor relations, corporate social responsibility program) and CEO leadership. As such, Astra is considered to be on par with world class companies such as Samsung Electronics and China Telecom.

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  • Corporate Rulers: What are Indonesia's Biggest Conglomerates?

    Given the prolonged rule of Suharto's New Order regime, the political and economic systems of Indonesia still have features of an oligarchic system, i.e. power is controlled by a small group of people usually distinguished by family ties and wealth. In the past, religious or military status also played a crucial role. However, as democracy continues to develop some of these features wane, while others still exist. President Joko Widodo, for example, is the first Indonesian president who does not belong to the traditional (political, religious or military) elite.

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  • Weak Earnings Astra International Omen Indonesia's Q3 GDP Growth?

    Third-quarter corporate earnings of Astra International, one of Indonesia's largest diversified conglomerates, cause concern that economic growth of Indonesia has continued to slow in Q3-2015. Corporate earnings of Astra International are a solid indicator of the country's total growth as the company is engaged in basically all key sectors of the economy. Astra reported a 17.2 percent decline (year-on-year) in net profit to IDR 12 trillion (approx. USD $888 million). Sales fell 8 percent (y/y) to IDR 138 trillion.

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  • Top Listed Indonesian Conglomerates with Largest Market Capitalization

    The four largest privately-held Indonesian conglomerates that have assets listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) are the Astra Group, Salim Group, Lippo Group, and Sinar Mas Group. Combined, all listed companies controlled by these four groups account for 17.50 percent of total market capitalization on the IDX (total market capitalization on the IDX was IDR 5,027.27 trillion or USD $430 billion on 15 July 2014). Currently, the largest listed firm on the IDX is Astra International, the ‘vehicle’ of the Astra Group.

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  • Indonesian Businessman Buys 70% Stake in Football Club Inter Milan

    Indonesian media tycoon Erick Thohir bought a 70 percent stake in football club Inter Milan of Italy. Thohir, one of the richest businessmen in Indonesia and who already holds large stakes in Philadelphia 76 (NBA) and DC United (Major League Soccer), paid about 300 million euro to obtain the 70 percent stake in the three-time European Champions League winner. The deal, which took months to finalize, was announced by Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti. Foreign ownership of football clubs has been a recent phenomenon in Europe.

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Artikel Terbaru Astra Group

  • Indonesian Companies in Focus: Astra International Facing Challenges

    One of the leading diversified conglomerates in Indonesia, Astra International, is facing challenges. Demand for cars has been on the decline in Indonesia over the past two years. This is a big challenge for the company because the automotive sector accounts for about half of Astra's total earnings. Meanwhile, its heavy equipment & mining segment and the financial services segment have been under severe pressure. Net income in the heavy equipment & mining segment plunged 55 percent (y/y) in Q1-2016, while net income in the financial services segment tumbled 46 percent (y/y) over the same period.

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  • Shares of Astra International Tumble after Weak Q1-2016 Corporate Earnings

    Astra International, one of Indonesia's largest diversified conglomerates and regarded the barometer of the Indonesian economy due to the company's presence in most sectors of the economy, posted a 22 percent (y/y) decline in net profit to IDR 3.11 trillion in the first quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, its revenue fell 7 percent (y/y) to IDR 41.89 trillion over the same period. The weak financial performance was particularly attributed to weak earnings of the company's heavy equipment unit United Tractors. Shares of Astra International fell 5.21 percent on Wednesday's trading day (27/04) to a seven-week low.

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